Executive Partner to Lead a Management Buy-Out

Our Private Investment Client specifically partners with talented executives who are motivated to acquire their current business or a selected target company and take that enterprise to the next level.

If you, as an experienced president or business unit leader:

  • Know that you could significantly improve performance for your current business if you had the freedom and accountability to pursue your vision
  • Have identified a target company that you know could be grown dramatically
  • Have already identified a fund source that just doesn’t feel like the right partner
    Then, perhaps we should talk.

Assignment: 3880
Title: Executive Partner to Lead a Management Buy-Out
Location: Americas

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Our client has implemented an “Executive First” approach to investment. Since leadership is the key to business success, they want to lock-in the best leader then fund that individual’s strategy to create a portfolio business with significant upside potential.
  • The ideal executive partner will have successfully transformed and grown a business preferably more than once in the past. Key among their priorities should be a commitment to an attractive investment strategy in a market that they know sufficiently well to reduce risk and create a pathway for success amidst multiple obstacles.

This is clearly not for everyone. However, if your strategy involves a business in the $10 to $200 Million revenue range that is now or can readily become cash flow positive, then perhaps we should talk. This could be the investor you are looking for.

Contact Recruiter:

Murray Parker
Managing Director