DOs and DON’Ts In Executive Resume Writing

Resume Dos & Don'ts Image


  • Keep it succinct – preferably one to two pages.
  • List each position held starting with the current or most recent at the top.
  • Highlight the company name and the position that you held in bold font with month/year transition dates.
  • Make a brief statement describing the company’s products, size of the organization in sales volume and number of employees in your specific division.
  • State the scope of your responsibilities in the role in one or two sentences.
  • Use bullet points to highlight 3-5 key achievements – be specific and include metrics where appropriate.
  • Include academic credentials, bilingual skills and pertinent certifications.
  • Make sure your contact information is current.


  • Lie, exaggerate, or take credit for something you did not do. (It is too easy to check facts)
  • Use vague, generic descriptions.
  • Use long-winded narrative.
  • Make lengthy introductory statements about your career or your career goals.