What are the benefits of a Boutique Executive Search Firm?

  • Personalized attention

    Our “top-to-bottom” approach offers our clients extraordinary attention to detail. The Chairman and CEO is involved in every search along with a Senior Executive Recruiter and Recruiting Team. Your search won’t get lost in the shuffle.  Ours is a strategic, not transactional, relationship with the hiring manager and human resources, the “search committee.”

  • Deep knowledge of your organization

    You want a search team who understands your culture, major players and unique needs. The boutique business model enables us to understand these aspects of your organization and use them to conduct the search. The Senior Recruiter who handles the engagement directly is then best positioned to present your opportunity, provide value-added insight on your industry, market, and the role, and to vet candidates.

  • Completion rates

    According to Robert Stein, in his book “Pipeline Talent: An Evolution in Executive Search”, search completion rates at boutique firms can be as high as in the 90’s% range, while many large firms are closer to 65 percent. You are likely to see that larger firms — which, by virtue of their size, can afford to leave a search. Our Completion Rate is one of the highest in the industry at 93%.

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