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By: Daniel Abramson
Managing Lead of HRSource

Guidelines by the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC), as well as federal and state law, prohibit asking job applicants certain questions, whether on the application form or during the job interview.

It is also illegal for an employer to discriminate against a job applicant due to race, color, religion, age, national origin, disability, or sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy).

With those in mind, here are some prime examples of interview questions that are illegal to ask, along with alternative inquiries that are permissible.  (Please note:  if you have questions or require clarification, it’s probably best toc heck with your attorney or legal department.)


Unlawful:  It is illegal to ask whether the applicant is married, divorced, separated, engaged, or widowed, or for any details about their relatives.  “What is your marital status?”  “What is the name of your relative/spouse/children?”  “How old are your children?” – these are all no-no’s.

Lawful:  You may ask, “What are the names of relatives already employed by the company or a competitor?”  Anything other than this specific question is off limits.


Unlawful:  All questions relating to pregnancy, or medical history concerning pregnancy, are verboten, including “Do you plan on having more children?”

Lawful:  It’s okay to ask how long the applicant plans to remain in the job, and to inquire about anticipated absences that apply to males and females alike.


Unlawful:  You can’t ask questions that seek to determine whether applicants are 40 years old or older, which smacks of age discrimination.

Lawful:  You may, however, ask, “Are you at least 18 years of age?” or, “If hired, can you furnish proof of age?”


Unlawful:  Any inquiries related to this topic are prohibited.  “What is your nationality?”  “What language is spoken in your home?”  “What is your mother tongue?” – these are all illegal to ask.

Lawful:  You may ask, “Which languages do you speak, read, or write fluently?” but only when the inquiry is based on a job requirement.


Unlawful:  Any inquiries that aren’t based on actual job requirements are off the table.

Lawful:  Inquiries about the ability to perform a particular job are permissible.  A specific weight or height range will not be considered a job requirement unless the employer can show that no employee outside those parameters could do the work.


Unlawful:  You cannot ask which organizations, clubs, societies, or lodges the candidate belongs to.

Lawful:  Rather, your inquiry must relate only to the applicant’s professional qualifications, such as, “Do you belong to any professional organizations?”


Unlawful:  All inquiries relating to arrests are off limits.  For example, it is illegal to ask, “Have you ever been arrested?”

Lawful:  However, it is legal to inquire about convictions.  For example, it’s okay to ask whether the candidate has ever been convicted of a crime, and to inquire about the disposition of the case.  Also allowable is, “Have you been convicted under criminal law within the past five years, excluding minor traffic violations?”


Unlawful:  Any question that directly or indirectly relates to race or color is illegal, period.

Lawful:  None!


Unlawful:  It is illegal to ask any question that relates directly or indirectly to a religion.

Lawful:  In fact, the only question you may ask on this topic is, “Can you work on Saturdays or Sundays?” – and then only if this is a requirement of the job.

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Mergers and Acquisition Business Development Associate

For more than 43 years, Brooke Chase Associates’ Retained Executive Search Services have helped companies build powerful world class organizations.  We focus on finding the best fit to create a long-term solution.

We are a relationship focused business and have applied that same focus to Brooke Chase Mergers & Acquisitions Referral Services by providing confidential introductions to Investors, Owners, and Management Leadership Teams.

We know the players in Kitchen Cabinets, Plumbing, HVAC, and related industries.  Our knowledge enables us as a Buy-Side Mergers & Acquisitions Referral Service to introduce buyers and sellers to each other, resulting in a negotiated sale with minimal disruption and an equitable selling price.

Are you looking for an opportunity to…

  • Explore, learn, and grow in the dynamic industry of mergers and acquisitions and private equity?
  • Use your previous business experience and skills to support the making of multi-million dollar deals happen?
  • Join a rapidly growing company where you can learn and grow in a professional, positive, and supportive environment?

As a key member of our team, you will have a ground floor opportunity to grow your professional career in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions by providing excellent customer service, developing, and closing deals.  For those who have spent their career in Corporate America and are tired of the rat race and heavy travel demands, this position will allow you to use your functional expertise and project management skills to help businesses be bought and sold throughout North America, while working remotely from your home with limited travel requirements.


In this role, you will be researching industries and companies to spearhead unique acquisition strategies.  More specifically, you will obtain precise criteria from clients (i.e., products, end-markets, revenue size, etc.) and identify companies that match these criterial, utilizing the internet, online databases, industry association company lists, and our own proprietary database, and speaking with company owners and senior executives.

We are looking for a quick learner, strategic and creative thinker with versatile business skills.


  • New Business Development – developing and building client relationships.
  • Identifying companies that are considering a sale or acquisition through primary strategic research and conversations.
  • Track research progress and statistics to generate progress reports.
  • Manage a proprietary database of researched companies.
  • Communicate and collaborate with internal staff to support future acquisition transactions.
  • Assist in the development of marketing materials designed to pitch various clients and strategies.

The successful candidate will be:

  • Highly competent in technology, including CRM systems, email, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Intellectually curious, smart, eager to learn, hard-working, disciplined, organized, detail-oriented, tenacious, intrinsically motivated, self-directed, able to multi-task well, strong verbal and written communication skills, reliable, pride in workmanship, and comfortable in leading deal-making teams.
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team setting and get along well with people.
  • Willing to roll up your sleeves, provide hands-on support and truly enjoy going down “internet rabbit holes,” exploring new topics and finding interesting data to connect the dots to achieve company goals.

We do have a few requirements:

  • 10 plus years of general business and/or outside sales experience.
  • A high sense of urgency and the ability to provide a high level of customer service while building and maintaining lasting relationships with customers.
  • Ability to solve problems independently and creatively.
  • Ability to organize, monitor, and track numerous ongoing deals, clients, and prospects.
  • Absolute discretion in handling and communicating with clients and prospects.
  • Ability to self-manage and project a professional and polished image that inspires confidence and trust.
  • Able to read basic financial statements.
  • Able to write letters and follow up with business owners by phone, video conferencing and in person.
  • Computer literate with a basic understanding of customer relationship software.
  • Self-motivated and able to set and abide by your own schedule.
  • Able to financially tolerate long sales cycles, as deals can take many months to close.
  • Must be a team player and able to work within a collaborative culture.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Great interpersonal skills.

What we bring to the table for you:

  • The opportunity to get involved in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, and private equity industry.
  • Exposure to a broad range of industries and company types (e.g., manufacturing, business services, distribution, consumer durable goods, building materials, kitchen and bath, decorative plumbing and more.)
  • Comradery with a great group of driven, smart, creative, and “can-do” professionals.
  • A culture that inspires learning, encourages autonomous work, fosters team collaboration, rewards hard work and results, and offers a sustainable work/life balance.

Contact me now if you’re a hard-working professional ready to become a
Mergers & Acquisition Business Development Associate
and be the driving force behind your career success.


Email Joe McElmeel Chairman and CEO at
with an attached cover letter and resume

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CEOs are having their worst year in decades!

Nicole Goodkind, CNN
Analysis by Nicole Goodkind, CNN
Published 8:26 AM EDT, Wed September 13, 2023
CNN New York

Chief executives have left their posts at an alarming rate this year.

It’s been a bad year for CEOs.

Chief executives have left their posts at an alarming rate as their performance — and their behavior — come under increased scrutiny by corporate boards.

What’s happening: Well over 1,000 CEOs have left their companies this year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report. That’s 33% more than last year and the highest total in the first seven months of the year since the staffing research company began tracking exits in 2002.

The average CEO tenure has significantly decreased from an average of 12 years to between 5 and 7 years now, according to analysts who focus on CEO succession for talent management company Ferguson Partners.

“While specific details regarding these exits are typically undisclosed, it is evident that more CEOs are exiting due to the new pressures of their roles, the relentless pace of change, and, in some cases, their own actions,” they wrote.

The role of the CEO is changing rapidly, they said, and executive boards have been struggling to keep shareholders happy.

September’s exits: At least three major CEOs have stepped down in the first two weeks of September alone.

BP CEO Bernard Looney resigned on Tuesday “effective immediately” after admitting that he had not been “fully transparent” about “historical relationships with colleagues,” according to a statement from the oil giant.

Looney had spent less than four years on the job but was a company man through and through — he was a BP lifer, joining the company in 1991 at the age of 21 as a drilling engineer and working his way up to the top position.

But ethical infractions aside, investors were disappointed with his performance well before his resignation.

On Looney’s watch, BP became the only major oil company with goals to reduce oil and gas output this decade. Shareholders weren’t too happy with the decision -— or with BP’s share price (BP), which has lagged that of its competitors.

Looney recently trimmed BP’s emission reduction goals and increased spending on crude oil and natural gas. Still, BP missed profit expectations last quarter. Shares of the company fell 1.3% on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, clothing company Express announced on Saturday that former Tyson Foods executive Stewart Glendinning would become its next CEO, replacing Timothy Baxter, effective September 15.

Baxter’s resignation was announced just one day after the company released its second-quarter results, with net sales of its Express brand and its lifestyle line UpWest decreasing 15% compared to last year. The company’s sales in retail stores were down 21%, and its e-commerce sales were down 1%. Express reported a net loss of $44.1 million, compared to a net income of $7 million in the same quarter of 2022.

Express said Baxter’s departure was not related to the company’s financial performance. Still, shares of the company are down by about 85% since Baxter joined Express in June 2019 after spending 11 years with Macy’s.

Earlier in September, Walgreens Boots Alliance said that CEO Rosalind Brewer stepped down less than three years after taking the helm at the pharmacy chain.

Brewer’s expertise is in retail, and her exit comes as Walgreens aims to focus more on health care, said Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData. Retail, he said, hasn’t been a driver of growth for the company.

Shares of Walgreens are down 32% so far this year. Walgreens slashed its full-year profit guidance in June, warning of softening consumer spending and a pullback in demand for Covid vaccines.


Typically, companies don’t provide detailed reasons for why a CEO exits. Of the leaders tracked by Challenger, Gray & Christmas this year, 266 CEOs have left this year without reason. Another 182 retired, 168 either stepped down or resigned, 40 took a new opportunity, 37 had their interim positions come to an end, 32 took new positions within their companies, and 17 left for personal reasons.  Economic uncertainties and “a much faster rate of change in the business environment are  causing companies to desire new approaches, new innovations, and new strategies to compete more vigorously.

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A New Tool for Scammers: AI

While technology has empowered humans to do some incredible things, it’s also contributed to a rise in scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 2.4 million consumers filed fraud complaints in 2022, with over $8.8 billion lost to scams (an increase of more than 30% compared with 2021).

Though there are many types of fraud, imposter scams were the most frequently reported scam, with artificial intelligence (AI) making it easier than ever to pretend to be someone you’re not. A global study conducted by computer security company McAfee revealed that one in four people worldwide had either experienced a voice cloning scam or knew someone who had. With the prevalence of AI scams growing every day, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and take precautionary steps to protect yourself and those around you from AI scams.

How scammers are using AI

Though fraud has been around for centuries, today’s scammers are increasingly using artificial intelligence to carry out even more sophisticated scams. Common examples of AI scams include:

Voice cloning

Voice cloning uses AI to replicate someone else’s voice. Scammers may pose as relatives or friends over the phone, fabricating a story about an emergency and asking their victim to send money immediately. Scammers can also use AI voice cloning to try and gain access to victims’ financial accounts at institutions that use voice recognition prompts for security.

CEO scam

In a CEO scam, a scammer impersonates a business’s CEO and asks an employee to make a payment or share confidential information. Since these emails or texts appear to come from the CEO, some employees won’t think twice about questioning the head of the company.


Phishing is a common impersonation scam where the attacker aims to steal sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy source. Scammers may utilize AI to add personalized greetings and perfect the company’s language, which can make phishing messages seem even more legitimate and convincing.

Malicious computer codes to crack passwords

Hackers may use malicious computer codes (aka malware) to try and steal passwords and gain access to bank accounts and other confidential information. Under the guise of a legitimate software program, scammers will trick computer users into downloading programs containing malicious code. The scammers will then run these codes on the victim’s computer, which can use different methods to steal passwords.

Ways to Protect Yourself from AI Scams

The best ways to protect yourself against AI scams are to be prepared, understand these scams and be on the lookout for them. If you suspect an AI scam, use these cybersecurity tips to help keep your information safe.

Create a “safeword” to share with family and friends to help authenticate phone calls.

Scammers can use AI to replicate the sound of someone’s voice, which can be very convincing. A safeword is a quick and easy way to verify a person’s identity.

Strengthen passwords by using two-factor authentication.

Some companies require two-factor authentication before granting you access to your email or financial accounts. A two-factor authentication code can help stop scammers in their tracks, keeping you safe in the event your passwords are compromised.

Let unknown calls go to voicemail, then call back to verify identity.

Scammers only need to record you speaking for a few seconds to clone your voice. If you receive a call from an unknown number, let it ring through to voicemail. Then, if you decide it seems legitimate, you can call back to verify the identity of the person who called.

Know most banks will never initiate conversation and ask for your personal information.

Never give your personal information over the phone to someone claiming to be your bank. Most banks will never initiate a conversation over the phone to ask for your personal information. If you’re ever in doubt, hang up the phone and call your local bank branch to verify any requests.

Educate yourself.

Taking time to educate yourself about AI and how criminals use it to scam people is one of the most important things you can do to keep your money and confidential information safe. By understanding how scam artists can trick people, you’ll be in a better position to recognize AI scams and avoid falling victim to these deceptive techniques.

Terms to know.

  • Deepfakes: Artificial videos or photos that synthetically replicate someone doing or saying something by using AI.
  • AI Chatbots: Software programs designed to communicate with people and have full, human-like conversations.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Linguistics-based AI enabling computers to process human language similarly to how humans understand it.
  • Machine Learning: A subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning is a computer’s ability to replicate human thinking and behavior.
  • Voice Cloning: Also known as an audio deepfake, voice cloning artificially replicates someone else’s voice to make it sound nearly identical to the real person’s tone, pronunciation and intonation.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), two-factor authentication is a security method that requires two forms of identification (such as a password or fingerprint and an email or text authentication code) to access information.
  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to intelligently respond to user prompts and questions. ChatGPT was originally released in November 2022 and was developed by OpenAI, a California-based research organization.


The rise of publicly available AI tools like ChatGPT offers scammers a way to leverage AI to create even more sophisticated scams. While these scams can be convincing, you have the power to prevent them by recognizing the signs of an AI scam and following best practices for protecting your information.

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Regional Sales Manager – Southeastern Region

This is an opportunity for an individual to operate with the freedom and passion of an entrepreneur and lead a fast-growing US region to carry out the company’s vision of southeastern growth.  Build the Sales Team talent, champion culture, and win financially.

Assignment: 4321
Title: Regional Sales Manager – Southeastern Region
Industry: Cabinetry
Reports To: VP of Sales & Marketing
Location: Southeast US – FL, SC, GA

Our Client:

Founded in 1992, our client has grown from a local cabinetry company to a leading national corporation with 3 key distribution locations throughout the country.  A leading pioneer in the K&B industry for over 30 years constantly updating and expanding selections, featuring new, innovative products and styles.  This constant product renewal ensures that the market remains stimulated and enticing, thereby increasing potential success.  The company maintains a highly efficient National Sales Team that is committed to fostering the success of its sales reps, assisting with all needs, and thereby guaranteeing a successful and thriving professional future.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop dealer business and grow sales in a region for the company in conjunction with the distribution operation in Florida and South Carolina
  • Direct sales development responsibility for your own working territory
  • Hire and manage independent reps in other territories throughout the region

Main Deliverables for First 12 Months of Employment:

  • Open up new K&B Dealers
  • Hire reps
  • Increases sales
  • Develop a plan for the region
  • Participate in Sales Management Meetings

Position Requirements:

  • Hard worker and business entrepreneur minded
  • 7+ years sales and sales leadership in building products
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field or equivalent experience/MBA preferred
  • Track record of business development and sales growth in the dealer channel
  • Strategic thinker with practical hands-on implementation skills
  • Experience successfully managing independent reps
  • Excellent communication skills – all levels and every format
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Able to manage Sales Team
  • Good problem solver


Joe Richardson

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More Remote Workers are Willing to Move in Order to Find Affordable Housing

By Anna Bahney, CNN
Washington, DCCNN

Housing is less affordable than it has been in about four decades. But buying or renting a home might be even less affordable now if it weren’t for the continuing impact of remote and hybrid workers that resulted from the pandemic, according to a recent study by Fannie Mae.

The study, which was an analysis of Fannie Mae’s monthly National Housing Survey, with questions asked among more than 3,000 mortgage holders, owners, and renters between January and March this year, looked at how remote and hybrid work has changed over the past few years and its impact on housing.
More people are willing to move to less expensive areas further away from offices in city centers than a few years ago, according to the report. Continuing remote and hybrid work, at levels remarkably unchanged from two years ago, is enabling people to move toward housing affordability, the study found.

The report also revealed that “affordability” is the most important factor in finding a place to live, both for renters and homeowners.

At the beginning of the year, 22% of remote and hybrid workers said they would be willing to relocate to a different region or increase their commute. Only 14% of such workers were willing to do so in the third quarter of 2021, which is used as a comparison throughout the study and was when many workplaces attempted a “return to work” until the Omicron variant of Covid-19 pushed many employers’ plans back that winter.

Home affordability is the worst it has been since 1984

Workers who are able to break their ties to living in an area because of its proximity to work are able to spread out, reducing the competition for a historically low number of homes for sale that could push prices even higher.

The research showed that among remote workers, all age and income groups have grown more willing to relocate or live farther away from their workplace since 2021. But younger workers – those between 18 and 34 – are significantly more willing than those older than them to live or commute a further distance from their work, with the share willing to do so jumping from 18% in 2021, to 30% in 2023.

“We believe this greater willingness to live farther from the…workplace may be an indication that some workers are feeling more secure about their remote work situation…or their ability to find another job if their current employer were to change its policies,” wrote the researchers, in a summary.

This is good news for remote workers during a time of crushingly low levels of home affordability.

Where we work now

Remote and hybrid work may be here to stay. Or, it’s here long enough for people to buy or rent a new home because of it, the researchers found.

Despite the demands by leaders of some prominent companies that workers need to head into the office or head out the door, the share of fully remote and hybrid workers has remained surprisingly constant in the post-pandemic era, according to the study.

In the first part of the year, 35% of respondents worked fully remote or worked a hybrid mix of sometime at a workplace and sometime at home. That was only slightly down from 36% in 2021.

While the share of workers going to a work site or office every day was unchanged at 49% in both 2021 and in 2023, the share of people working fully remote ticked up to 14% this year from 13% in 2021.

Return-to-office mandates won’t magically improve young employee’s career development.

Homeowners continue to be slightly more likely to work from home than renters. And those with more education and higher incomes are also more likely to have a work-from-home situation, which is consistent with 2021,the study found.

Only 30% of lower-income people, earning 80% of the area median income, could work remotely or hybrid in 2021, and that dropped to 27% by this year. Meanwhile 42% of upper-income people, those making 120% of the area median income, were able to work from home in 2021 and that number did not change in 2023.

Lower-income people – who are in most need of access to lower-cost housing, found further away from a city’s core – are also those least likely to work remotely, according to the survey.

‘Affordability’ has become most important

With housing affordability taking a hit over the past few years as rents rose, home prices stayed elevated and mortgage rates soared to a 22-year high, it is not surprising that “affordability” was the top factor for people when picking a new home, at 36%. This was a big jump from 2014, the last time the question was asked, when the top consideration was “neighborhood” at 49%.

Homeowners and renters both showed growth in prioritizing “affordability,” but the increase was greatest among renters, shooting up from 21% in 2014 to 46% in 2023.

“The change in preference for renters is truly remarkable, since not only did it more than double, but it represented a complete reversal of the relative importance of neighborhood cited by consumers as the top consideration in 2014,” wrote the researchers.

In addition, despite the talk about moving for more space, “home size” as a factor for picking a next home was unchanged and still outweighed by “affordability.”

Shopping for a home? There’s a lot working against you right now

“The striking shift toward affordability as the top consideration among overall survey respondents for their next move substantiates the need of households to find ways to manage around the significant rise in mortgage rates, home prices, and rents of the past few years,” the researchers wrote.

And this is impacting where people look for a home and what they prioritize when they are searching.

“Home affordability may also be a reason why we saw an increase in remote workers’ willingness to relocate or live farther away from their workplace, particularly given that, historically, a shorter commute to denser job markets was considered a premium amenity,” the researchers wrote.

The suburbs are increasingly where people want to be, the report found, which is part of an ongoing trend since 2010. And that share has grown between 2021 and 2023.

The researchers say the change to the housing market brought about by remote workers holds broader implications for the link between housing and the labor market.

The growing share of remote-working renters and homeowners willing to live farther from their work location gives employers access to a wider labor market, which could be useful if a downturn in economic activity led to greater rates of job loss.

“Having access to a larger labor market may also reduce the adverse effect on local home prices when a major employer or industry contracts,” the researchers wrote.

About Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.
Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. is the premier executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of executive management professionals within the building materials, plumbing and kitchen/bath industries. Established in 1980, our list of clients has grown to become a virtual “Who’s Who” of both domestic and international firms for whom we have successfully recruited professionals. A testament to our success is that many of our clients have utilized our services for over 43 years. We have one of the best “Completion” and “Retention Rates” in the industry. At Brooke Chase Associates, Inc., a strong emphasis is placed on our client relationships. A retained, exclusive executive search is a strategic, not transactional, relationship with the hiring manager and human resources, the “search committee.” Our business is driven by a single principle: Successful companies start with successful people.

Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. has its Corporate Headquarters in Sarasota, FL. For additional information contact Joseph McElmeel, Chairman and CEO of Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. at 941-479-6382 or

Our firm provides the information in this e-Newsletter for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of legal advice, tax advice, accounting services, investment advice, or professional consulting of any kind. The information provided herein should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional tax, accounting, legal, or other competent advisers. Before making any decision or taking any action, you should consult a professional adviser who has been provided with all pertinent facts relevant to your particular situation. Tax articles in this e-Newsletter are not intended to be used, and cannot be used by any taxpayer, for the purpose of avoiding accuracy-related penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. The information is provided “as is,” with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties or performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

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Regional Sales Manager – Western Region

This is an opportunity for an individual to operate with the freedom and passion of an entrepreneur and lead a fast-growing US region to carry out the company’s vision of western growth.  Build the Sales Team talent, champion culture, and win financially.

Assignment: 4219
Title: Regional Sales Manager – Western Region
Industry: Cabinetry Wholesale
Reports To: VP of Sales & Marketing
Location: Western US – CA, WA, OR, AZ, NV, UT, CO

Our Client:

Founded in 1992 our client has grown from a local cabinetry wholesaler to a leading national corporation with 3 key distribution locations throughout the country.  A leading pioneer in the K&B industry for over 30 years, constantly updating and expanding selections, featuring new, innovative products and styles.

This constant product renewal ensures that the market remains stimulated and enticing, thereby increasing potential success.  The company maintains a highly efficient National Sales Team that is committed to fostering the success of its sales reps, assisting with all needs, and thereby guaranteeing a successful and thriving professional future.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop dealer business and grow sales in a region for the company in conjunction with the warehouse/assembly/distribution operation in Nevada
  • Direct sales development responsibility for your own working territory
  • Hire and manage independent reps in other territories throughout the region

Position Requirements:

  • 7+ years sales and sales leadership in building products.  Cabinet sales experience a plus.
  • Track record of business development and sales growth in the dealer channel
  • Strategic thinker with practical hands-on implementation skills
  • Experience successfully managing independent reps
  • Excellent communication skills – all levels and every format
  • Good problem solver
  • Hard worker


Joe Richardson
Research Recruiter

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National Business Development Manager – Southeast

A phenomenal opportunity for an aggressive, results-oriented salesperson to achieve sustainable growth and strong customer elations nationwide.

Assignment: 4218
Title: National Business Development Manager
Industry: Decorative Plumbing, Hardware
Reports To: President
Location: Southeast

Our Client:

Our client is a deep-rooted, historic hardware supplier that has prospered for over 100 years as a staple in the building materials and home goods industries.  Dedicated to quality, service, and fair pricing, this company has diversified its product offerings and looks forward to continued growth.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the growth of sales in all relevant national markets
  • Develop key relationships with new and existing accounts
  • Be an outstanding representative of the company with exposure nationwide
  • Interface with senior leadership to strategize and forecast

Position Requirements:

  • 7+ years of sales and business development experience (hardware experience preferred)
  • Track record of sales growth and key account development
  • Experience negotiating with a variety of customers
  • Entrepreneurial, self-starter mindset and passionate drive
  • Ability to self-generate leads and sales opportunities in the national marketplace
  • Ability to commit to short and long-term travel for the company, the customer, and the sale
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • No degree necessary


Ben Durshimer
Research Recruiter

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Chief Operating Officer – Upper Midwest

In a newly created role reporting to the owner, the COO will lead all daily operational aspects of the company, partnering with the owner in developing and implementing strategies and structures for growth in operations and sales volume.  This dynamic leader will further develop and share vision with the team, holding them accountable to expectations for excellence which have become a hallmark of the company’s success in its market.

Assignment: 4317
Title: COO
Industry: Design Build Residential Remodeling
Reports To: Owner
Location: Upper Midwest

Our Client:

Our client is a well-established, highly regarded, and profitable high-end custom residential design build remodeler with tremendous growth potential and ownership that is committed to investing in the future, with plans for larger facility and the goal of doubling in size over the next three to five years.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Daily operational leadership to include:
  • Project Management and Field Ops
  • Sales and Estimation
  • Scheduling
  • Design
  • Administration – Finance, HR, Legal, Permitting/Compliance
  • Supply Chain

Position Requirements:

  • 7+ years Building/Construction experience, high-end residential 3+ years
  • Project Management leadership
  • Experience with and understanding of bid, costing, estimation
  • Track record of profitable operational growth
  • Interaction with and leadership of sales and design
  • Experience with a $15M+ company at the leadership level
  • Construction P&L experience
  • Highly organized and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills both internally and with customers and vendors
  • Customer focused
  • Integrity


Mark Otto

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Region Manager HVAC – Southeast

The opportunity to operate with the freedom and passion of an entrepreneur and lead the company’s fastest growing segment to further success.  Build talent, champion culture, and win financially.

Assignment: 4311
Title: Region Manager HVAC
Industry: HVAC & Plumbing Distribution
Reports To: Division Manager
Location: Southeast US

Our Client:

Our client is the nation’s largest privately held wholesaler of plumbing & HVAC products, dedicated to a culture of core values, high performance, and relentless focus on people.  As an organization of energized leaders, they have demonstrated a long history of growth and profitability and remain a world-class employer and business partner.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Select and recruit a world class team of Profit Center Managers through performance feedback and inspirational leadership
  • Promote a culture of high expectations, consistent practice of our core values, and a deep understanding of our Key Business Principles and Strategic Priorities
  • Manage key business and financial expectations
  • Develop key partnerships with Vendors and Customers
  • Identify and promote strategies to increase sales, improve financial results, and expand market relevance with the Region/Division

Position Requirements:

  • 10 years leadership and management experience in HVAC Distribution
  • A work history demonstrating progressive responsibility in the areas of P&L, growth initiatives and strong reputation for ethics and integrity
  • Willingness and ability for business travel 60% of the time, primarily within the region
  • Strategic thinker who possesses excellent general management, sales management and business development skills coupled with strong financial acumen
  • Strong history of sales and sales management while building influential relationships
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Is driven, energetic, well-organized, entrepreneurial, disciplined, unpretentious, resilient, courageous, and influential


Ben Durshimer

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