By Lori Moen, CEPA Business Coach | Catalyst Group ECR

The legacy you leave behind when you’re no longer part of leadership isn’t just about your accomplishments and accolades. It has to do with how you approach any and all issues that fall in front of you. In the modern business world, leadership legacy is all about moving towards sustainable success.

It’s important that companies begin thinking beyond their short-term goals and toward the long-term impact of those who are in leadership. There is a lot of value in investing in each moment and considering the consequences your decisions will have both in the present moment and in the future.

Let’s take a look at a few leadership legacy examples to inspire you as you plan your future.

Leadership Legacy Examples: Graham and Schultz

When looking back at successful business leaders, there are a lot of people who rose above expectations, allowing them to leave their mark on the organization.

Take, for instance, Katharine Graham, who took the helm of The Washington Post in 1972 and became the first woman named CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

After breaking through the glass ceiling, Graham went on to fight relentlessly for the Constitutional right to free press after she was slapped with a restraining order for her attempts to publish The Pentagon Papers. Her efforts led to a Supreme Court decision that “defended the First Amendment right of free press against prior restraint by the government,” and reaffirmed one of the nation’s most fundamental values.

Another leader who’s left a lasting legacy is Howard Schultz. As the former CEO of Starbucks, he’s left a legacy that’s had an impact greater than just the delicious coffee. His legacy has impacted all of those who make the coffee and those who work in their stores. Schultz made it a point to prioritize the well-being of his employees by offering comprehensive healthcare benefits and supporting various communities.

One of the ways he did this was through expanding educational access through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. This program provided a tuition-free college education online and hired thousands of military veterans and spouses, as well as refugees and underprivileged youth, allowing people to create a better life for themselves and loved ones. He chose a legacy that gave opportunities to those around him, and as a result, he built a successful company that fostered the professional growth of its employees.