CEO with a Plan is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial leader to acquire and grow a business to the point of successful exit. Whether a management buyout of your current business unit or the acquisition and build-out of another private company, you assume accountability to lead a business enterprise, tap unrealized potential and create significant growth.


Private Equity (PE) owned firms grew revenue twice as fast as all other types for the last 10 years according to a recent Pepperdine survey. Our PE Partners are constantly looking for their next growth company and in some cases actively pursue an “Executive First” approach to investment. Across the board, the most universally well received inquiry is what we call CEO with a Plan: an experienced executive who displays passion, vision and a proposal to create a growth enterprise.


As Steven Covey advises, a CEO with a Plan must “Begin with the end in mind.” The goal is to maximize value creation within a defined period such as 5 to 7 years. Success rewards the CEO and leadership team through the increased equity valuation whenever there is an ownership change. There may also be the option to reinvest and continue to grow the enterprise towards yet another ownership change.


Our broad range of partners means that any manufacturing, distribution, transportation, or services enterprise will be accommodated. Building materials, industrials, software, medical device, bio-tech, niche manufacturing, or any industry segment that will support an attractive growth strategy will be considered.


Determined by your investment thesis.


You will be expected to present an investment idea and facilitate its transformation into a successful investment strategy. When funded, your accountability to implement and achieve objectives can encompass:

  • Creating a corporate vision, culture, goals and action plans.
  • Leading the acquisition and integration of multiple businesses.
  • Transitioning your business to an independent enterprise with its own unique culture.
  • Assessing, acquiring, developing and inspiring the leadership team to implement your vision.
  • Leveraging the board, external and internal resources to their fullest.
  • Leading the business to meet or exceed defined milestones.
  • Participating in a successful liquidity event.


The successful CEO will have turned around, unlocked potential, created strong growth and otherwise lead a business to exceed expectations; ideally more than once. One must also develop an investment thesis to complete the package. For example, a plan to carve-out the business unit of a larger corporation that you currently lead. Or perhaps a strategy to consolidate a few smaller companies into a platform that you can then grow into a segment leading enterprise. Regardless of the plan, investors expect an in-depth knowledge of the target industry.


You will be expected to demonstrate leadership dimensions such as proactivity, adaptability, high energy, integrity, interpersonal effectiveness, strategic perspective, and communications ability.


There will be an appropriate incentivized executive compensation package, equity participation and the satisfaction from leading your strategy to meet or exceed expectations. Most significant will be the equity pay out at the time of a successful ownership change.


Murray Parker
Managing Director