Introducing Industry Leaders to Private Equity Investors

Introducing Industry Leaders to Equity Investors M&A Services Graphic

Have an idea and looking for capital?

CEO With A Plan® was created to refer successful industry executives with a specific acquisition target and/or thesis to a member of our investor community who shares their vision.

Many in private equity recognize that leadership is the key to building successful, sustainable companies and that sometimes the right opportunity for a growth investment comes through a person. They first align themselves with an industry leader then support that leader in acquiring a platform company.

Brooke Chase M&A Referral Services works with industry executives who have the vision and ability to acquire, build and grow a company. We refer them to private equity investors, family offices, corporations and business owners looking for customized strategic investments.

Do you have a specific acquisition target and business plan? Contact Brooke Chase M&A Referral Services for a Confidential Discussion.

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